A comedy that made me cry

Oh yes, these things happen. I was surprised when that happened to me, and it’s a bit weird. I want to share this  not every day experience of mine. So here we go!

Few days ago I’ve decided to watch a comedy film. Nothing special, just wanted to have a plain evening watching a nice comedy that would make me laugh. So I’ve picked one, it’s called “Last holiday” with Queen Latifah playing main character. And somehow this comedy didn’t make me laugh almost at all, but it really did make me weep. you’r probably tt0408985asking why? Well, I’m not really sure, but I guess it’s because of the movie plot.

You see, the main character finds out that she has this terrible disease which leaves her only a few months to live. So she decides to spend all the money has and acomplish or try those things she hasn’t. In other words, she wants to spend those few months living to the fullest. That’s the whole idea of this movie.

So, yeah storylines about the how life is short touches me. It makes you love life even more and thank God that you’re ok. Because to find out something like Q. Latifah’s character is  way to scary. And you know, the ability to handle that kind of news is an art.

Some people when they find out, for example, that they have cancer and there’s not much time left start to drink or suicide. But the others take this kind of news pretty calmly, they’re able to find  strength to spend the last days living as they were before, well, they don’t give up. And I ask myself how are doing this? I mean they just heard the deadly judgement and it seems it didn’t affect them. Isn’t this inspiring?

Talking about the movie, everything ended alright. The women wasn’t dying, it was a mistake. So everyone lived happily ever after. But the impact that this film made on me stays. Because it’s better to understand the worth of life and living this way (while or after watching the movie), but definetely not the other ( I hope you understand what I meant here).

I suppose I should recommend you another  film, which plot and idea would be similar to “Last holiday” movie. I’m talking about “The Bucket list” with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. And if this film won’t make you love your life, no matter if it’s bad or good, then I don’t know what would.


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