The beauty of animation or what does it teach us?

Probably everyone one of us used watch cartoons or animated films. But when was the last time you’ve watched any of those? If recently, then it’s just great! I really admire people, who even though are grown – ups and pretty mature still enjoy watching animation.

Few days ago I watched Ratatouille and I looved it :). That little rat remy is such a cutie. but that’s not what I want to talk RatatouillePosterabout. The thing that I’m interested is animation suitable only for kids? I know some people who keep saying “Animation? Are you nuts? It’s only for kids, how can you watch it, you’re an adult for God’s sake!!!”. Is it really?

Well, maybe it used be so, but now I don’t think so. Today there’s a huge variety of animation for different age groups. You know kids can watch “Tom and Jerry”  while adults can watch “South park”, or the whole family can watch ‘Shrek” series. I keep thinking that adults also should watch animation, because even when you’re adult there’s a lot of things that it can teach you.

Like watching “Ratatouille” adults as well as children can be taught kindness, sensibility, believing in yourself and  following your dreams. But what I liked the most about this movie was , that it teaches to treat everyone equally and with respect no matter big or small, black or white,  rich or poor, a boy or girl, a human or a rat you are.

We say that all these things should be learned at young age, but somehow some of us grow up without this knowledge and become intolerant to those, who we think differ from us. So that’s why animation is good for adults. It gives us a chance to learn those things we didn’t learn earlier.

Watching animation won’t make you look childish, immature or something. Watching animation will be the fact that you saved a child in yourself – the purest, the most innocent what every person has. Because when you loose that child in you, you loose the ability to enjoy those small things in life, like watching how a ladybird is crawls down your finger. loosing a child in you means that you become this grumpy, unhappy person, who has no interest or imagination.

So let’s not be grumpy, let’s watch and enjoy animation. After all, it’s so great to fell childish once in a while. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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