Is money mad?

Now that’s the question I askedmyself after watching “Mad money” movie. Personally, I don’t think that money is mad, I don’t even think that money is good or bad. I believe that money is neutral, it’s only pieces of paper or metal coins that 220px-Mad_money_posthas bigger or smaller value. But as a thing they are neutral. It is we, who change into the good or the bad ones having/ not having money (and the quantity doesn’t matte). This is my philosophy about MONEY.

But let’s get back to the movie and use it as an illustration to my philosophical point of view. Three main characters of this movie decided to rob a bank (where all three of them worked) because they had some financial problems and they obviously needed money to solve them. Ok, they solved the problem and yet they kept stealing. The more they had, the more they wanted. Did they  turned to be good ones with all the money? I really don’t think so.

Money, money, money
Always sunny
In the rich man’s world

“Money, money, money” by ABBA

People really turn into bad ones when they gain lots of money. I don’t know how this transformation happens, but it just does. Moreover, I think that big money (as well as having them or loosing them) can actually show our darkest sides. I mean, there are people who can commit the most cruel murders or crimes because of money. BIG MONEY. And that is really scary. Well, at least for me.

And right here I wanna ask how much money is enough? Seriously can anyone answer me? Or maybe this question doesn’t have ONE answer? Because for some people 1000 dollars per month is a pretty huge money. While for the others 100000 is not enough. But equaly both could everything to get these money. So, the deeper I dig the more confused I get. Or maybe I should stop searching for meanings and ideas in comedy films? That’s a good question, I should really think about it. But I guess, we all know what will be the answer :).

All I know is that if I ever get a chance to have extremely much money I’d prefer to get that amount step by step, not all at once. Just so I would be able to learn how to handle that much money and cherish it more, and also wouldn’t become a rich bitch, because I don’t like those people.

To sum up, this movie shows us that having money is good, having lots of money is even better. But the thing is the way you earn money is also a huge part of how you will feel about having them. And your own behaviour with or without money is only in your hands. Money doesn’t change you, it’s YOU who change yourself.


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