O. Wilson and V.Vaughn: You know you make me wanna Shout!

I know it’s been a pretty long time since my last post, but I’ll give it back to you. Promise! And I’ll start right now by telling weddingyou about my a couple of weeks old movie experience. Here we go!

It was a nice and warm July evening and I asked myself – “What movie should I see this time?”. And the answer was” “Well, definetely the funny one!”. I must say it took a while to pick up the right one. But then i realised I should watch “Wedding crashers”.

This was the second time that I watched this movie ( for the first time I haven’t finished watching for the reasons I don’t even remember). BUT this time I did and I don’t regret it.

The film was HILARIOUS. i mean, sure, O.Wilson’s and V.Vaughn’s couple always guarantees you a good time. But “Wedding crashers” isn’t just mindless comedy, it actually reflects a lot of true stuff ( I’ll list those things, it’s gonna be easier that way for all of us).

  1. Men behave like sluts. I’m not saying that ALL men are like that. And I’m not saying that men  actually go on crashing weddings :). Well, at least I’ve never heard about it happening in real life :). What I’m saying is that men do go from woman to woman. It’s like some sort of sport competition – “With how many women can I have sex?”. Pretty slutty don’t you think? And I’m not even asking what’s fun about it.
  2. When a man marries a woman he starts to think that she is his property. Yup, there are this kind of men, I know the kind. Is this the right way to treat a woman? Hell, no! No one should be treated like someone else’s property. We’re people, not some kind of furniture. And marriage doesn’t mean that our second half can own us. ( I know I might sound too categorical about this, but this is my opinion about these things).
  3. Women must stay faithful and men can have love affairs. Double standarts…  Sadly, but in most cases this is a very common thing. I disagree with it. I keep thinking that either both must be faithful to each other or bot both can have affairs. It’s not fair that one isn’t allowed to do something and the other is.
  4. (My favourite one) when we meet someone and we fall in love, we start to begave differently, most often we behave better then we really are. “what’s wrong with that?” – you’ll probably ask. Maybe nothing. I mean it’s nice when people ( try to) change for the better. But the bad thing is that trying to be a good person might not be true you.And then you just simply lie to the one you love. You just pretend to be someone else. Eventually the truth will come out and might hurt the person you love. At the end it might hurt you. So i say, maybe  we shouldn’t pretend, maybe we should be ourselves from the start and impress the ones we like/love by who we really are.

Still think that “Wedding crashers” is a mindless film? Maybe. It depends from which angle you will look. Just watch it. I think you should like it. If not, oh well…


About hte title: after watching the film I keep singing The Isley Brothers song “Shout!”, so i decided to express that in the title :).



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