7+4 = 1 (disappointed ?) me

fourth_handAhh my beloved John Irving… Yup, just finished reading his book “The Fourth hand” and I don’t feel content with it. I’ve read  seven of his books (you can see it in the post title 🙂 and 4 refers to the title of the book ) and this is probably my least favourite one.

The plot of the book wasn’t that much interesting ( especially if we compare this one with “The Cider house rules” or “Until I find you”), but yet, I still found those things why I love this author.

Irving is incredibly talented at describing these weird, difficult relationships between people. And he does it so easily, so  you get the impression that it’s not so big a deal: so what if woman wants to give her dead husband’s hand to some other guy? So what if she comes to meet that poor man with one hand for the first time and has sex with him just to get pregnant? Irving talks about these things as if all  is OK, these things happen… like all the time.

So what I’m trying to say is, that John Irving writes about things usually people don’t talk about. Things that we usually try not to see, hear or say. But he does, he’s not affraid or embarassed to tell it.

But let’s get back to the book. The most interesting figure of this book was the main character – Wallingford. He was like typical example of ( can’t say all, because that would be a lie) most of the men.

Wallingford is a weak man when it comes to women. He gets easily each woman he wants, sleeps with her and forgets about her. He was married and cheated on his wife. But then one day something happened…  He met this women ( the one, who wanted to give her husband’s hand) and fel in love, but she ( at first) didn’t care about his feelings.

Wondering why I said that Wallingford is a typical example of most of the men? Because, men tempt women, use them for their needs and then dump them. But when they meet someone who is able to resist them, well then all drama begins: I love her! I need her! I can’t live without you! Bla bla bla!

Even though I wasn’t very fascinated by this book, but i think that ladies should read it and try not to become one of the in such kind of guy’s life. And for the  gentlemen… Dear gentlemen, I think you also should read this, just to see how everythings is temporary and that messing around with many women won’t make anyone happier, especially you at the end.


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