What did I expect from “Great expectations”?

great expectationsProbably everything except the fact that I’ll enjoy this book sooo much. Charles Dickens with his novel “Great expectations” blew my mind! Seriously, when I took this book for the first time I thought:  “Well, this is pretty old book, it probably won’t be very interesting, but I’ll give it a try”.

And this is where I was wrong.  This book compeled my attention until I finished it.

Though the story was published in XIX century, but I found this story to be so similar to our modern life ant its values, I don’t know how about the rest of you, but to me this novel is a true reflection of our modern – day society.

What I see today, observing young people, is that their major intentions are to become the most popular, wear the most fashionable clothes. They keep trying to become members of some sort of of elite groups ( in the book it was important to become a gentleman, for the boys). To get a higher status is like the biggest wish of youngsters. And it doesn’t matter if they have to sacrifice something precious.

I’m not saying that reaching for the better (life, job, anything) is wrong, but does it have to be THE ONLY thing that matters to us? Isn’t there anything else left for us to reach? Are we really ready to give up happiness, love, sincerity just to wear Prada clothes? Is it so important to get marry to someone successful and be unhappy than live, maybe not so luxurious life, but happy life? Yes, these are the questions I asked myself while I was reading the book!

I really enjoyd that Dickens brought up this social status theme. He condemned that opinion that high societal status and money are the most important things. I’m glad he showed that this isn’t what we should reach.

I don’t know why, but rich people somehow tend to think that those who have less or no money, that they don’t deserve to be respected or treated equaly. Why is this so?  I can’t answer this.

I sometimes think that I’m probably too naive, because I still believe should (and could) live in a better society, in dual comprehension. But little by little I loose belief in this, I would call “too good to be true” idea.

So, as you can see this book made me think about serious things ( and who could  thought of it!). I’m glad I picked this and I strongly recommend to all of you :).

P.S.  photo is a link to different page where you can reada review of this book :).


One thought on “What did I expect from “Great expectations”?

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    that’s both educative and engaging, and without a doubt, you’ve hit the
    nail on the head. The problem is something too few people are speaking intelligently about.

    I’m very happy that I found this in my search for something regarding this.

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