Royal baby madness

Prince-William-and-Kate-MiddletonSo Prince William and his wife officially announced the name of their newborn child. What an exciting moment for all the people in the United Kingdom. But don‘t you think there was too much fuss about this whole baby thing? Well, I do.

For the record, I have nothing against British royal family, but I think that there was too much media coverage on this event.  At first it was all about when the baby will be born. Then it was: „Why is he not born yet?“, after he was finally born everyone were like“ When are they going to show the baby?“. And finally, „What are they going to name the boy?“. I mean, come on! Seriously there’s nothing else that media could report on?

This whole royal baby thing reminded me one of my study readings about problem construction. How politicians, media construct problems and how they introduce them to  us. It’s incredible how we (all) are made to think about certain things as important or unimportant ones.

The power that media has in its hands still fascinates me. The weirdest, craziest things can be turned into globally important issues. And I don’t think this is a good way of how media works on us.

Lets get back to royal baby. I mean, this is great example, of how media constructs not only problems, but how it constructs what news are important or not in generally. For the past few weeks it was all about new prince, though there was a lot of things happening in the world, that were way more important. But no, it was all about the baby.

If you think about, there are people dying because of earthquakes, floods. Innocent people are being killed without a descent reason. And no one was trying to report on that. But yes, our well known media kept  waiting next to the hospitol, where cate Middleton had to give birth, for about two weeks simply waiting.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t see how this birth is going to change all the bad things happening. I don’t really see the point of reporting that much on this baby birth. It’s like, so he was born and?…  It doesn’t concern me much. Maybe for  the British people it is a life changing event.

For those who still don’t get what I was trying to say in the last few paragraphs (but I hope you did), I’ll explain. I was trying to say, that media makes as important things the ones she wants us to think us important, though they might not be really important.  After all, it’s all about business.

And these days when media can catch us probably everywhere, we have to stay alert and keep thinking critically. Because things aren’t really they way they seem to be at first sight.


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