My very first blogging day

I’ve never thouhgt that one day I will start to write a blog. Well, to be honest I had some thoughts, especially before going to sleep, BUT that were only thoughts, nothing else. It was hard to believe that all this  would come true. And then it came :).

You’re probably wonderind what about After Le The Notes will be about? Well, lets see. I made A book corner page, which obviously will have something to do with books. But it won’t be plain book reviews, no. I think I will write what I learned, noticed from these books, not what they’re about, because we can search that kind of information on Internet. I think each one of us would understand the same story completely different. And I think that’s the beauty of books and reading.

Since it’s going to be about books, as a main photo chose a picture from Pushkinskiye Gory, where Russian poet Pushkin used to live. (Can’t say I’m a fan of him, but the place is gorgeous).

Another page is called Cinema magic. This page will be like A book corener, only about movies.

Third page Box of thoughts will probably be about lots of things: my thoughts, observations, etc… We’ll see that in process.

Lets talk a little bit about the blog title: After Le The Notes. Actually the title is pretty simple. Le the in French means tea, so my blog simply means after tea notes. Why tea? Well. I just love drinking tea. And when I have a nice cup of tea, I like to take some notes.

I don’t know know how many of you, epople, are going to read this blog. Maybe no one will read this, but either way, I’m happy, because this blog is a huge step for me. Anyway, for those, who will be reading this, I wish to have a good time. And for me… I wish for myself to enjoy  writing this blog.


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